Welcome to Mills

This is a hub that helps to sync across the network. You cannot edit on this hub, but you can view the current feed. The region is defined as:

To start your own profile you can download the latest kiki release. To sync to this hub, just press “Add Server” and write “Mills” as the server.

If anyone would like to try out this nifty little piece of offline capable distributed social network:

Install kiki:

$ go get -u github.com/schollz/kiki

And run the following to join my Mills federation/region:

kiki -region-public=77X6ivSfEwxZcsTEz6PDJEfnALofFBWEYnSfsR5ChLQf -region-private=2paZ3USDsU8wWEAPLkgWJQTA1ByYRWFUW8GuhN98Ejrq -sync https://kiki.mills.io

Hello World :D

Hello World! :D